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Silicone vs TPE

The most important thing you should consider when buying a lovedoll. Fortunately, for your convenience, we’re here to fill you in on the finer details. It also depends on the qaulity of mix the manufacturers use to make the silicone or TPE(Thermoplastic elastomer). Lucky for you, you can rely on our sources to provide you the best!


Pros of silicone compared to TPE would be it is very easy to clean, a lot more resistant to other substances, including heat, stains and the most dangerous of them all, mould! They are also more life-like to detail!

Cons would be the dolls are more rigid and firm, aswell as expensive.


Pros of TPE compared to silicone are that they are more flexible and softer, more life-like to touch, you can expect a wobble effect! They are also much cheaper!

Cons are the dolls take alot more maintenance, and will stain/damage easily.

So if we were to give you a bit of advice here, @NZLoveDolls. It would be – Silicone for the long run, and TPE for the user experience! 😉


We would love to bring top quality stock to New Zealand! Including the all mighty AI series and with your help this could be sooner rather than later so for now we are running 3×100 Non-profit ticket lotteries for a standard ($20), fully custom ($50) and AI ($100) doll. Otherwise if you like what we are doing and would like to show us some support, we would be very grateful, please anything helps. Donations over $20 automatically go into the lottery, Thankyou!

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